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Switcher for Mac OS X

Switcher is a powerful application switcher for Mac OS X which gives you more information, pills more functionality and more customization than the built-in application switcher.


  • See CPU load and memory usage when switching apps
  • Quit or force-quit Apps directly from Switcher (requires free helper app)
  • Restart Apps with one keystroke (requires free helper app)
  • Visual indicator for hidden Apps
  • Customize where on the screen the Switcher view is placed

Some features require the free SwitcherQuitter helper app available for download below.


SwitcherQuitter is a small, optional helper app that allows Switcher to access “Quit” functionality including “quit”, “relaunch” and “force quit”.  To enable this functionality, download SwitcherQuitter, place it in your Applications folder, and configure the app to startup at launch.

Download SwitcherQuitter Now

Get Switcher!

Download Switcher from the Mac OS X App Store.


Questions about Switcher?  Send us an email!